Why would you enter psychotherapy?

There are a variety of reasons:

– You want to change reoccurring behavioral patterns in your life, which negatively influence your well-being?

– You want to discover creative ways to achieve your goals in life?

– You want to master a life or relationship crisis?

– You are looking for help in orientation concerning important life decisions?

Many people find it self-evident to seek professional help in several areas of life.

Might it be the representation by a lawyer concerning legal issues, the treatment by a medical doctor concerning health problems or coaching concerning entrepreneurial endeavors.

Psychotherapy for some people still has a negative stigma. The idea not to be “right” or “normal”, should you seek professional help, is still spread around the population.

On the other hand it is widely accepted if you want to learn to play football to find a good football coach. Someone who wants to learn a second language might enter a lecture held by a well-qualified teacher, others who seek a competent education in the sciences will choose a renowned professor to teach them.

Every job or art form is being represented by professionals of their respective fields and people are willing to learn from them.

This is not any different in psychotherapy.

Mental techniques can be told like the technique of passing a football on the field.

The wish for self-development is inherent in humans.

I can teach you cognitive techniques, which can improve your life and help you to master challenges more easily.

I am willing to develop perspectives and strategies with you for your personal life goals.