Spirituality and Psychotherapy

Because of several profound encounters with the mystical experience I cannot ignore my compassion and deny my clients these insights.
Conventional psychotherapy touches only the surface and our ideas in society about mental illness are mostly untrue. The existence of spiritual experience is often denied in our health care system, since it cannot be made to fit into the materialistic ideology the system is built on.
Soul contact is essential for healing. The denial of this sustains mental illness.
Many medical practitioners feel threatened in their identity by mystical insights of clients. Which might lead them to diagnose clients with schizophrenia or psychosis, because in western societies, other than in asian cultures there is no infrastructure, as for example in Buddhism, to integrate spiritual experiences successfully.
Clients who have mystical experiences (visions, hearing of telepathic voices, out of body experiences) often only fall into psychosis after they have faced a volume of rejection by society when sharing their revelations. Through this continuous rejection they get into resistance to their mystical experience and only then psychosis manifests.
I define psychotherapy as follows:
Psychotherapy (psyche = the soul, therapist = guide) is the supportive work of a mentor, spiritual teacher or psychotherapist, which dissolves the through trauma created energy and communication blockage between person and soul.
In this process fearful belief systems are unlearned and through direct experience of “self” the clients realize not to be just a brain in a body.
This dissolves ultimate fears as for example the fear of death. Further leading to the possibility that the timeless soul can express itself authentically through its creative representation (the integrated personality) in spacetime.
Many beings are raised in cultures where they are not fully accepted, since their authentic self-expression does not fit into the dominant belief system.
The culture (which can be compared to an operating software or program) is being conditioned into the children without their consent. In order to survive and to be accepted by their social environment they suppress their self (the soul) and create a fictitious “I” (the ego) which is accepted by the societies belief structure.
The ego is a role being played to avoid suffering and punishment. Since Children cannot have their needs met through sincerity (authenticity), the ego serves as manipulative intelligence that tries to make sure that needs are met despite being physically weaker than adults. While the ego serves us as children to avoid violence through adults and through the education system (indoctrination into the belief system), it will create much suffering later in life.
Through habit the ego is being made into an “I” and confused with the authentic self (the soul).
The ego is a mechanism that tries to survive through submission or dominance out of survival instinct and will resist any attempt at the expansion of conscious awareness since it expects further repercussions.
This leads to many living unfulfilled lives, in which they sacrifice truth and love for comfort and safety (selling the soul).
The soul desires to awaken but is repressed by the ego which leads to manifold expressions of mental and physical illness.
Healing occurs when the ego illusion is recognized, the fear belief system is unlearned and soul contact has been established via meditation.
Resulting in the awakening of intuition, which is knowledge beyond time that is being remembered, and the soul begins to express itself through the healed personality. This leads to creative and loving approaches to life and to an end of suffering.