Biography of Christoper Vandermeer

Chris with his dog Marschall
Chris with his dog Marshall

Chris began his spiritual evolution shortly after highschool. A bipolar diagnosis and lifelong struggle with mental illness forced him into a state of inner contemplation, in order to rebalance egoic states of consciousness and physical health issues that left him otherwise unable to function in day to day life.

Zen, non dual teachings and an interest in psychic/nonphysical research became the focus of his life. He read widely and mediated consistently for over two years, with minimal socialisation or contact with the outside world. Of particular interest was near death experiences and out of body exploration, after he experienced a “talking to”, from the nonphysical, while in hospital after a drug incident forced his guidance team to step in and remind him of his purpose here this life.

His first teacher was the consciousness explorer and ex NASA physicist Tom Campbell. Tom was part of Bob Monroe’s research team into altered states of consciousness (OBE’s) using binaural beats While studying a bachelors degree in science he continued with his true education in spirituality, with a passion for cutting through mass consciousness thoughtforms that have infected the education system.

As soon as his degree was finished he experienced a Kundalini awakening during a level 2 Reiki course. Subsequently, his life has been driven by intuitive guidance and visions from his nonphysical facets and friends on the other side of the veil. He currently resides in Peru where he is focused on self realisation and assisting the El Faro Group (The Lighthouse Group) with the formation of a temple in the mountains of the Sacred Valley in Peru.