Online consultation (Skype or Zoom sessions)

I do offer sessions via Skype or Zoom for online consultation.

The fee for an hour long session is 45 Euro.

Online consultation cannot replace psychotherapy in a praxis, though it can be useful for:

1.) aftercare (if you move to another city or country)
2.) for people with disabilities who cannot visit the praxis
3.) If you live in a remote location

Other than that, online sessions are a viable option to communicate knowledge about: (life-) coaching & spiritual teaching.

Be aware that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in online communication!

Theoretically third parties are able to listen, watch or record Skype or Zoom sessions.

Be conscious about the fact that your information will be transmitted via servers over which the therapist has no authority!

If you are interested in Skype sessions, please feel free to send me an email to make an appointment, then I will send you my account data.

You can book sessions via PayPal, after you made an appointment via email: