Online consultation (Private Sessions)

I do offer sessions via Zoom for online consultations.

The fee for a 90 minutes session is 90 Euro for a one-on-one consultation and 120 Euro for couple counseling.

Online sessions have, in my experience, proven to be an efficient medium for therapeutic and spiritual work.

1.) For continuing the therapeutic process after you have moved to a different location.

2.) For people with disabilities who cannot visit my office.

3.) If you live in a remote location or are living in another country.

4.) Getting access to knowledge that would have been only locally accessible in the past.

Be aware that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in online communication!
I will do my best to protect your privacy.  Though you need to be aware that:

Theoretically third parties are able to listen, watch or record Zoom sessions.

Be conscious about the fact that your information will be transmitted via servers over which the therapist has no authority!

The sessions will be password protected and can be recorded by you for a later review.

If you are interested in Zoom sessions, please feel free to send me an email to make an appointment:

Or you can book a 90 minutes private session by choosing a date in the calendar: