Biography of Julian M. Polzin

Zazen practice (sitting meditation in Japanese Buddhism)

Julian Polzin studied practical philosophy at the Westfälische Wilhems-Universität (Münster university).

With the conclusion of his studies, he started to focus on his literature works.

After a few years living as a novelist, he began his therapeutic education at the Paracelsus Institute in Münster.

After meditation at a mountain river in Nepal

Then followed a successful exam in June of 2015, when he received his permission to heal in the field of psychotherapy by the public health office in Recklinghausen.

Aside from that he studies, practices and teaches Zen-Buddhist methods in combination with the Yogic realization process and various other mystical practices.

Meeting the Sadhus at the  Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu

On his spiritual path he opened himself to mystical insight. He experienced realization beyond physical experience which changed his therapeutic approach.

In 2021 he traveled to Nepal to meditate in holy places to experience the land, ancient energies and intelligences of a non-material nature. 

Mediation at Dakshinkali Temple in Nepal

Now he practices psychotherapy in fusion with spiritual teachings of direct inquiry to assist his clients in realizing themselves through the mystical experience.

Arrival in Peru in July 2022

Since July 2022 he is living in Peru with the El Faro Group (The Lighthouse Group) which consists of sincere spiritual practitioners with the intention to build a monastery where the advanced Yogic system can be transmitted to initiates. He will there demonstrate the path to God realization as to inspire others to begin embodying their divine potentials.

Professional experiences & cooperations:

  • Since Juli 2015 – Psychotherapy for refugees during the crisis
  • Since June 2015 – Cooperation with the psycho-social counseling service of the AStA student representative in Bonn, offering psychotherapy for foreign students
  • February 2016 – Lecture for Startup Bonn on “Business & Psychology: How to deal with negative emotion”
  • April 2016 – Lecture for the education institute for coaching and learning (“Bildungsinstitut für Beratung und Lernen”) on “Actively dealing with crises and challenges – psychological techniques for overcoming and motivation”
  • May 2016 – Publication of an essay on “The importance of Change Management in a modern market environment” for the CTC – Change & Transformation Collaborative
  • November & December 2016 – giving lectures on “The Art of Freedom – Combining Western Psychology & Zen-Buddhism”
  • Juli 2017 – publishing of a book on psychotherapy & Zen “Beyond Psychotherapy: The Laughing God behind the Masks”
  • April 2019 – Founding of Zen School Tiantong
  • 2019-2020 – Several Appearances on “Seventh Planet Broadcasting” with the mystic, yogi, author and scientist Gerald Clark speaking about the realization process and the exit out of the limited, collective “Matrix”
  • 2020 – Several Appearances on the “Hot Topics Live” podcast with Gloria Goldberg, host of several podcasts about mental health and spiritual growth, and Kia Baker, success coach at London Real, to share knowledge about the spiritual process
  • April to June 2021 – Pilgrimage to Nepal for spiritual practice and the sharing of knowledge
  • June 2021 – Interview on “Shifting Tides” with documentary movie maker Mahiema Anand