Energy Work with Jza Abbas

The Energy Workshop will be held in English and is open to everyone. You can join the group every Thursday at 19:30.

Inner Child Healing & Energy Workshop

Inner child healing is one of the reasons why I started my workshops. Very often when I talked to people, I realized that many of us were harbouring deep, inner pain from our childhoods. People tend to think, whenever I speak about inner child healing, that I’m criticizing parents or parenting; however, that is not the case. I believe that inside every one of us is a young, suffering child, much like Zen master Thich Nhat Hahn writes in the opening lines of his book, Reconciliation. It’s no brain science that as young children, we are very impressionable and easy to hurt. We are making our way into the world, learning all its confusing cultures and systems. We want to communicate with our caregivers and we want their attention and understanding.

What we’re not aware of is that our parents are caught up in the world (code for: have other things on their mind) and hence we have our first experiences with getting hurt. That sigh of impatience from our fathers, the irritability from our exhausted mothers; to a child, reactions such as these can be deep and wounding. Of course, there are also those parents who abuse their children – emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s not so much an agenda to hurt their own children as it is a result of an unconscious self.

And here lies the key reason why I do inner child work. Once our parents were also scared little children. Our ancestors belonged to a time unlike our own. In Pakistan, where I’m from, my grandparents were young during the wars of separation between India and Pakistan. My great grandparents lived in the time of colonization and its resulting turmoil. In Germany, where I live now, those were the years of the great wars. My husband, who is from the former East Germany was born when the country was still divided. History has an impact on our consciousness. Violence and turmoil, poverty and illness, and powerful ideologies influence the way we act and react to this world. This was the reality in which our parents and grandparents lived. This was a trauma that was left unaddressed in our ancestors.

This trauma, fear and pain is passed down from generation to generation. It shapes who we are. And we receive these messages, or let’s say, we’re most vulnerable to receiving them when we’re children. For example, we may have a parent who is unable to overcome his own fear and so passes it down to his child. The way to get out of this cycle is to awaken to those bits and pieces of us that are asleep and due to which we keep repeating these learned behaviours in our life today.

Additionally, we must learn to awaken to the child within and hear what he has to say. It’s possible that no one was listening to him when he was young and he felt misunderstood and angry. It’s possible that he was a sensitive child and no one could understand his sensitivity, opening him up to laughter and ridicule. A child is more likely to hide those parts of his true nature that were not accepted by his parents. In inner child work, we try to access those parts and bring them into consciousness. We try to heal them by showing our lost child self to accept himself as he is and reintegrate parts of himself he may have shunned due to nonacceptance.

That’s all there is to it.

Spiritually, inner child healing is like coming home. It can feel like meeting a long, lost best friend. Living feels more joyful once you do the work. Emotionally, we can learn to deal with situations better. We don’t react so much to life. We take back our power – we learn to act instead of reacting. We are not baited by provocations and fear because we know where our fears emerge from. Identifying our fear, the underlying basis of reaction, is the first step to overcoming it. And we are finally free from the burden of our fathers and forefathers. We can live our adult life free from the burden of our collective past.

About Jza Abbas:

Jza is an energy worker based in Bonn, Germany. She has done energy work for most of her adult life. Energy work is not something unique, available to only a few. Everyone is capable of awakening and realizing their connection to life energy. In her own journey to heal, she was able to awaken hers.

Currently, she runs structured workshops to help people awaken and realize theirs. Before deciding to pursue energy work, she completed her B. Sc. in Economics and Finance in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2012, she moved to Germany and studied at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg for an M.Sc. in Economics and Politics.

She completed her M.A. in International Relations at Freie Universität Berlin in 2019. For the past four years, she has worked as a business and policy consultant in Bonn for the European Commission and other international

During her consulting experience, she built and cemented her conference and workshop management, public speaking, team management and communication skills. Particularly for people working in tight, business environments, it is sometimes necessary to address energy blocks. Mental and emotional blocks not only affect our health, but also our relationships with the people we see and work with daily.

In the energy clearing workshops she offers, participants try to investigate the factors causing the blockage, whether they are situational or built on our past experiences, or our childhood experiences. With the help of introspective exercises, participants try to find the connection between these experiences and their reaction to life.

The objective is to first find the source of our suffering and pain and then work to heal, clear and renew our energy so that we no longer react. This way, we are able to live life more fully and without fear, realizing our true potential.

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