Meditation Class Schedule & Participation fees

Every Monday at 18:30 in German & English [Temporarily on hold, please contact me via email if you have interest]

You can find us at the BEWO Bonn&Rhein-Sieg office:

Bahnhofstraße 159
53123 Bonn-Duisdorf

The path to enlightenment and meditation practice are one

Consciousness and direct experience cannot be separated from each other.

We can read everything about correct swimming techniques while sitting at the beach and still refuse to get into the water.

Therefore everything we believe to know about swimming is an illusion until we make the decision to trust ourselves to the ocean.

Likewise we cannot enter the spiritual experience via reading or education.

Mystical experiences are not accessible through writings but by diving into Zazen practice (sitting meditation).

The swimmer might read books about swimming but experiences himself mainly through the act of swimming.

For spiritual experiencing the act of surrendering to the ocean is the practice of meditation.

Concepts, beliefs and convictions do not give access to the mystical experience and our attachment to those form blockages that prevents realization.

Zen is the art of not-judging, not rejecting or adding anything. To recognize being, the Buddha-nature of all things, it is required to surrender all attachment to ideas and beliefs.

When we let go of our limiting ideas space is realized for unlimited experience to enter.

Like this, we can realize the ground of being of all phenomena.

Buddhism ist not a Religion or belief system, but a method of self-realization.

As such we go beyond ideas of „I“ or „You“. We recognize ourselves beyond identity. Thus we go beyond suffering, since suffering is only experienceable through identity.

The Zen Buddhist school is open to everyone.

Various methods of realization will be transmitted and practiced, the sharing of practical experiences, Dharma talks and reflection are allowed to happen within in the group context.

I attend to each individual on their unique path. Though this is group practice there is plenty of opportunity to assist your personally and to answer your questions.

First month of practice is free, after that you can book your practice time here:

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